Make all the haters cry and the fanboys scream by taking your Discord server to the extreme! Ha, rhymes. Purity allows you to add dozens of new features to your Discord server to make it better and more interactive for your community to enjoy! Let members adopt an animal to train, interact, and fight with! Enjoy your very own fully configurable currency system to suit your needs! It's less awkward when it's not completely silent so let that music play!

Configure your own custom ranks, bot settings, mod roles, and more! Purity has over commands to discover!

Active Communities. Awesome Features Purity allows you to add dozens of new features to your Discord server to make it better and more interactive for your community to enjoy! Lots More To Explore Purity has over commands to discover! Reaction Roles - Setup ranks members can get just by reacting!

Slots Gambling - Satisfy your inner-gambler! Birthdays - Never forget a birthday again! Polls - Find out what people think or want! Mod Logs - Track tons of activity on your server! Memes - Turn your friends or yourself into a meme! Twitch Alerts - Never miss another broadcast again! Pin Collecting - Good luck all you completionists! Notepad - Never forget stuff again! Soundboard - Over sounds to play with!

So why use Purity over others? What makes it better for me? Well, It's in constant development unlike other bots, which means it gets more features and updates added. Made by Discord users for Discord usersso features are actually useful. You only need 1 bot instead of 20 to setup your server how you want. Most bots never let me customize stuff. Does Purity allow customization?

In short, Yes. Change everything from currency names and leveling equations to birthday alert messages and welcome messages! Can I actually get help if something goes wrong or I have a question? Just hop on our Support Discord Server and one of the Developers or a member of the community should be able to assist.Here you can see all the available commands in Chatbot directly from the Documentation.

To see an example and responses from each command click on it to see them per slider.

How to Change Your ScottyBot's Name

Permissions: Add and View. Example :! Permissions: Editor. Permissions: Join. Permissions: Request, Skip and Veto. Permissions: Everyone.

hypebot commands

Betting Start Will Ankh Survive? Betting Start Will Ankh survive? Yes No Maybe Description : This starts a custom betting session that will use the settings that have been set in the UI. Permissions: Moderator. You can no longer enter! Command Add! Command Edit! Permission: Everyone.

Status [24h] Charity Stream! Witcher 3 Pokemon Description : This starts a custom poll that will use the settings that have been set in the UI. Skip to content. Welcome to Brains World! Search: Search. Twitter YouTube Github. Quotes Permissions: Add and View. Quote Add Text Example :!

Quote Example :! Quote Id Example :! Quotes Permissions: Editor. Quote Edit Id Message Example :! Quote Remove Id Example :! Minigames Permissions: Join.

Heist Amount Example :! Challenge Username Example :! Ffa Example :! Boss Example :! Skip Example :! Veto Example :! SongRequests Permissions: Editor. SongBlacklist Add Id Example :!Use the above chat commands to communicate and interact with Gamer Ninja and other Gamer Ninja Mixer and Twitch followers and viewers. This chat command displays the date a user joined either Mixer or Twitch. This will display the date user GamerNinja joined either Mixer or Twitch.

Tip Three Some chat commands have a cooldown timer and can only be used once and a delay will occur for a cooldown period. The power is granted! Go forward and use it for good. Let me know via chat and I will get it corrected. If you would like to contact Gamer Ninja, feel free to contact him today! Gamer Ninja would like to hear from you!

hypebot commands

Gamer Ninja Chat Commands. Command Description! You must type in a word after! Must type in user account after command. Must be a regular visitor of Gamer Ninja's channel to use. Gamer Ninja's Twitter home web page. Contact Gamer Ninja. Tells users how to get to this page at Gamer. Displays a link to Gamer Ninja's Discord Channel. This shares how long a follower has followed GamerNinja's channel.

Tells users how to get to Gamer Ninja Forums and find out details about stream giveaways, gaming info, games info, and more.Your solution to a great Discord Community! Adding levels, role management, achievements, profiles, image search, games, and list goes on! Now that you've acquired currency, It's time to bring your newfound riches to the casino and win a game against miki in several games!

Our community helped to translate Miki into 27 languages! We're also currently working on a website dashboard, so you can control your profile and server settings online! We are consistently probing the community for more ideas and suggestions to add to Miki. Share yours today! Want to share Miki along with other bots? Click here to add it to a list! Tip: Sorting your searches by relevance give you more relevant results compared to other sorting options. Bots on Discord.

Log in. Add Bot Website Discord Server. Description Your solution to a great Discord Community! Overview Reviews. Community Profiles Customize and show off your amazing little card! Role management Buy, earn, or get roles by opting in! Marriages Everyone deserve a little bit of love!

Complete server control Utility Miki's not only just playing around, She can also post reminders, or remove unwanted users. Administration Cleaning up rooms, banning users. Pastas Your free post-it note collection! Uncover Miki's potential! Experience Whenever users send messages they receive experience points and climb the leaderboards. Currency Earn currency by being active and using daily bonuses, become the richest person on your server!

Minigames Now that you've acquired currency, It's time to bring your newfound riches to the casino and win a game against miki in several games! Multilingual and moreā€¦ Multilingual Our community helped to translate Miki into 27 languages!

Dashboards We're also currently working on a website dashboard, so you can control your profile and server settings online! Write a review.Firebot is a desktop chat bot that allows Mixer streamers to quickly and easily setup Mixplay, chat commands, and other functionality for their channel. The application itself is a product of many streamers and Mixer community members working together to make the platform a better place to stream. Firebot started as a Mixplay bot back inand has continuously evolved to bring powerful and customizable Mixplay tools.

Firebot also allows streamers to take control over their chat. The commands system will help you provide your chat with fun and useful commands. Firebot supports some of the most well known third party streaming tools, such as Streamlabs, TipeeeStream, and StreamLoots.

Just build and configure your buttons in app instead! The chat feed built directly into Firebot allows you to not only interact with your chat, but also keep an eye on moderation actions as they happen. Want to play a sound when someone follows? Want to shoot off some fireworks when you get a sub? Reward your viewers with chat currency! The longer a viewer watches, the more currency they get.

Firebot even supports multiple currency systems as once! Easily see who has watched for the most time, chatted the most, interacted with Mixplay the most, and more!

hypebot commands

The Effects System is a simple, yet powerful system that allows you to program buttons and commands with no programming knowledge needed. The Timer system is a way to easily create repeating commands and effects that will fire at certain intervals or after a certain number of chat messages have passed.

The Only Mixer Bot You'll Ever Need. Period.

Skip to content. Download Firebot. What is Firebot? Tweets by FirebotApp.Mix It Up is a bot unlike any other with an amazing team of developers working around the clock to bring the absolute best features our community members have requested. We are one of the most feature-packed Mixer bots out there which provides streamers with a wide and versitile set of tools to help make your streams visually and interactively appealing to your audience.

Here are just a few more reasons to try us out:. Now you can trigger alerts and send updates to Ovrstream directly from Mix It Up! With official support for the Elgato Streamdeck, you can control all your Mix It Up commands and action with the touch of a button. Download the plugin from the Stream Deck Action Store to get started today!

We worked closely with the amazing Developers of Stream Avatars to help bring you currency integration directly to your stream avatar overlay so no more need to maintain 2 seperate currency systems for your viewers!

You can switch scenes, hide or show sources, trigger clips and more! Mix It Up allows you to connect to many of your favorite 3rd party streamer services. Did someone send you a pizza? Our TreatStream service event will fire to let you know food is on its way! Plus, we now have Patreon support for subscribers in your community who go above and beyond! You can setup and use custom HTML overlays that utilize the built-in API allowing you to create an immersive and interactive experience with your viewers!

With Channel Patronage, you can track who's dropping the biggest Spark bombs or sending you Embers by the truckload. We offer events for when either of these Mixer currencies are spent as well as leaderboard support! Full support of the Mixer Interactive platform including sparks, groups, and cooldowns! Missed that GIF? Want to count the number of stickers? Now you can see the love with a full range of support for all Mixer Skills Stickers and Effects!

Mixer Partners can use Mix It Up to trigger the Mixer Clip system including the ability to set the clip duration and automatically download the clip to you computer when it's done! Send a Tweet or post in Discord to let your community know you're live. Want to link that lastest tweet in stream chat? We've got you covered there too! Want custom alerts for your next big charity event? Say no more!

We can monitor for donations from supported charity services and send that information to your custom overlay! Also included are a viewer list, user profile cards, and moderators actions. Whether it's a! Included over a dozen pre-built commands to help get you started! Give your viewrs something to spend! We support multiple currencies, custom currency names, variable "earn rates", and more! Be the entrepreneur you always wanted to be with store of your very own!Powered by TNTSearch.

For this tutorial, we will show you how to create a 'ping-pong' chat bot using either our Node or Java libraries to communicate with the Mixer API. We'll also take a look at how you can talk to the API directly with curl and wscat. We'll be using OAuth for authentication. In the Node tutorial code below, click "Click here to get your token" to grab a token for the tutorial. You can read more about how OAuth works on our OAuth page.

Pre Made Chat Commands

There's a great guide on these concepts here. Before we can connect to the chat servers, we must authenticate with Mixer. In our example we are going to use an implicit OAuth token for authentication. The required OAuth scopes are chat:connect chat:chat. If you'd like more information on authentication please read our page on OAuth. All this code does is get everything setup, after this point we have a file which has an authenticated Mixer user ready to go but we don't actually know who they are.

An OAuth token doesn't tell us who owns it. Let's find out who they are, You can add the following code to the bottom of the code from our first section. If you run this now you should see the username of the user account who owns the token you supplied. If you don't double check you're supplying the correct token. Now, we'll write functions for both of these steps and link them together in the code you've written above shortly. Let's start with getting the connection information step 1 :.

We don't need to call this function yet but for reference, when called this function will ask Mixer's servers for some connection information. The response should look something like this:. Of particular importance here is the authentication key authkeythis is needed to authenticate with chat. It is transient and as such only lasts for a few minutes. Don't save or record these, they should be used immediately upon receipt. Once we have this information we need to create a Chat Socket, this is step 2 from our list above.

It creates a chat socket and instructs that socket to start. It also calls the socket's auth method to authenticate with the Chat server so that you can Chat. It uses our previous function getConnectionInformation to get the authkey but you do need to supply it with a userId and a channelId. Don't worry about running this yet, we'll piece stuff together after this is done:. The last step is to edit our original code, so that it uses these two new functions. We need to change the section of code that starts with getUserInfo.

Replace it all with:. If you run this you should now see your bot in its own channelwhere it should have sent "Hi! I'm Connected! If not double check everything over or refer to the bottom of this tutorial where the final code sample is.